We have been researching long and hard (on youtube and golf blogs) to bring you the longest putt in recorded history. And no, we are not talking about the one you sunk those years back with your mate stuck down in the sand trap out of view. We need a putt that’s on record and with witnesses, a global audience would be suitable, but we don’t all have that.

Well, in the end we turned to the reliable source of information on anything record breaking, the Guinness World Records of course. They list the longest putt as 375 feet and it was holed back Fergus Muir in 2001 at none other than the famous Eden Course at St Andrews Scotland. The back story was something out of the movie Happy Gilmore as Muir used a 80 year old hickory shafted putter from the tee and nailed it. Although Muir only had his two colleagues to verify this claim and no other witnesses present, he was able to provide enough proof to the Guinness team to be able to enter the record books.

Oddly enough, professional golfers will not be able to match this claim as they are unable to have their putts recognised if they start from outside the green. However, we have found two putts that were televised and considered by most as the longest putts in professional golf. The first is by Dave Pelz who sunk a massive 200 footer and was shown on the Golf Channel:

And the next is from no other than famous Olympic swimmer Micheal Phelps who nailed a 159 footer at St Andrew’s Old Course in 2012:

What’s the longest putt you’ve ever sunk and were there any witnesses to back it up? Or even better, do you still have the video of it? Send it to us and we will add it to the article.

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