Basic Golf Style

Every sports attire has basic styling. And, of all the sports out there, Golf stands out in terms of dressing up and styling. Old-fashioned style has been the choice of every golf enthusiast, but with the trend that the fashion industry is facing today, basic golf style from wearing t-shirts to business style has evolved.

As stated by thatshirt, golf styling of men has become parallel with what other guys wear off the course. The founding fathers started to wear plus-fours and shifted to polyester bell bottoms of the 70s, the paradigm of golf style is indeed amazing. Every golf style appreciation is dramatically increasing, and with that, mens clothing has been remarkably on demand to every golf lover.

Before you go for a shopping spree, take these rules and learn about basic golf style.

Basic Golf Style Rules

Wearing it on and off the course

There are some golf styles that are seemingly questionable when it comes to clothing taste. When you become a golf enthusiast, it is recommended to wear golf style clothes on and off the course. Although it may sound weird, getting into this kind of style will boost confidence. And, if you dont like to wear golf attire outside the course, you are free to wear other shirts anyway.

Belt buckles should not be a statement

Belt buckles are important in golf sports. Some would go to oversized buckles when wearing smart shirts. However, belt buckles should not be a statement as it might affect the way you play the game. Picking up sensible style and size of belts should be enough and practical.

Wear the right pair of shoes

Any pair of shoes is good to be used in playing golf. But, it is recommended to get a good pair of shoes that are right for playing golf. Find shoes that have metal or plastic spikes. However, there is some course than ban metal spikes so make sure to check first before buying.

Remember, the hat is important

Spending a long time under the sun can cause eye irritation and skin problems. Wearing hats might look stylish, but it definitely protects your face and eyes from the scorching blaze of the sun.

Essentials of the golf wardrobe is a must

There are several items that should be readily available in your golf wardrobe. A polo shirt is very important in playing golf. You can find different colors and styles of the polo, but whats important is that it must not go below your elbow. V-neck t-shirts or sweaters can be worn if the weather turns cool.

Keep your style simple

Whenever youre doubtful of how you look with all those golf styles, always remember to keep the style simple. Find something online or ask golf professionals about proper golf style to make yourself look great whenever you play.

Indeed, sports are incredibly wonderful when fashion is merged. And, with golf becoming the center of sports and fashion, proper styling and using the best clothing should be kept in mind.

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