Professional golfers delight themselves in uprightness and never want to be caught on the wrong side of the law. They keep up with good behaviors for the honor of their reputation that takes a long time to build and seconds to destroy. They also want to avoid caught by Instant Checkmate Review: $1.00 Trial For a Detailed Background Report! And similar services. However, they are humans and make mistakes once in a while. Some of these mistakes become serious matters and they find themselves locked behind bars. Below are some of the golfers who have ended up in jail one or more times.

Tiger Woods

On October 2017, Tiger Woods was arrested by Jupiter Fl police due to careless driving and a background check that revealed the presence of marijuana and some prescribed drugs in his system. He pleaded guilty and, luckily, the prosecutor let go of his charges and was set free with a warning from the judge to fend off trouble.

Jim Thorpe

In 2009, Jim Thorpe was arrested for evading the federal government tax amounting to $1.6 million. He pleaded guilty and served a jail term of almost a year in Alabama prison camp. After his release on the champions tour held in 2011, he apologized to his fans for his misconduct.

John Montague

In 1937 the famous and queer John Montague (fake name) was disclosed as La Verne Moore (real name) was arrested by the police. He was charged with assault and armed robbery which he committed in 1930, in New York. Sadly, after a background check, this left to the death of one person. On the latter year, he was tried in court, found innocent and set free.

Andrew Dodman

Andrew Dodman from wales was a golf expert in the 1980s. He won the Welsh PGA Championship in 1987. Dodman was an addicted gambler and robbed people to fund his gambling activities. In 2016, he was found guilty of two robberies with a knife. The two robbers are robbing a safe (12,000) in a Dodman residential home and attacking a pregnant woman in Wrexham betting lounge for 600. He was sentenced to nine years of imprisonment.

Jean-Baptiste Ado

In the 1950s, there existed a French golfer known as Jean-Baptiste Ado who played mainly in tournaments arranged by Europeans. Ado was arrested by the Nazis and sentenced to death via a firing squad by Nazi. Luckily he managed to escape with a broken jaw and missing teeth after the firing squad stepped out. His attempted assassination was due to his collaboration with the French Resistance and killing of Germans during world war 2.

Notah Begay III

Notah Begay III is a winner of the 1999 PGA tour and also Tiger Woods teammate in Stanford University. He was arrested for the second time at the beginning of 2000 due to driving under the influence. He flopped the sobriety test when he hit a car in the parking. Later on, he was sentenced to close to one-year jail term with a service of 7 days.

There are many more golfers who have been jailed for bad behaviors such as Steven Bowditch, Rachel Connor, John Daly, and ‘Machine Gun’ Jack McGurn just to mention a few. Some have lost the great golf reputation from their arrest after the courts reveal who they really are. However, its never too late for some and this is something to look forward to when it comes to their careers, especially when youre a fan.

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