New Golf

Over the years, people find sports and bikes as a way to deviate themselves from their busy life and keep themselves active. Similarly, there are vast choices in sports and Bikes for 300 lbs man to choose from depending on what interests you the most.

While others opt to challenge themselves by engaging in difficult sports, there are also sports enthusiasts that prefer calmer activities. One of them is golf. Golf is famously played by older people as a way for them to unwind and invigorate with the outdoor view. They spend money on buying the equipment and outfit as a way to support their hobby.

However, in the past few years, the population of golf has decreased as people are trying to find another pastime which directly leans towards cycling. Although golf is still around, bikes are now seen as a better route for relaxation and adventure.

Although cycling is now hailed as the new golf, will it decline just as how golf is left in its worst state in the past few years?

The Rise of Cycling, the Decline of Golf

The primal choice for some individuals, particularly old and wealthy individuals, is golf. However, a drastic decrease of players and memberships falling was observed in the past few years due to how costly the game is and the time spent.


Playing a good round of gold requires 4 hours, while cycling can be practiced and done much longer than that. As a matter of fact, pedaling your bicycle does not require an exact location as long as the surface is flat and you have the right set of tires.


In order for you to play golf, you must be a member of a golf club since the locations available for the said sport are limited. What is mind-boggling, though, is that a membership fee is expensive enough for you to buy a high-end bike.

Cycling as an Inclusive Sport

As mentioned earlier, golf requires you to be a member of any golf club, which in turn limits your circle of friends. This is not the case for cycling since anyone can join as long as you have the right set of gears to withstand the road and ensure your safety.

Golf only limits their resources to members, making it difficult to introduce other people to the said sport without becoming a member themselves. Not everyone is enthusiastic about paying for a membership fee due to its expensive rates. In addition, the equipment needed is also expensive, which just doubles their total expenses.

Cycling, on the other hand, is much interesting in a sense that you can meet other people as you try achieving your goal in overcoming an easy or difficult trail. Its a much livelier activity with the rest of bike enthusiasts around.

Overall, cycling is widely open for both well-off and average individuals. Compared to golf, it is less costly and more interesting due to the fact that you can get some sense of adventure while meeting new people who share the same interest as you along the way.

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