Tennis Player and Plastic Surgeries

Over the years, there have been speculations and rumors concerning the change in the appearance of Serena Williams. Serena, a professional tennis player, is popular for her dominance in the sport and her ability to conquer just about every opponent.

However, people doubt that a professional player like Serena can look so perfect yet they spend much of their time training on the court. With the plastic surgery marketing being on the rise today, both fans and plastic surgeons believe that she underwent through numerous plastic surgeries. Lets find out below.

Nose Job

Comparing before and after pictures of Serena, it is believed that she underwent a rhinoplasty. Most people imply that she went through the knife in order to achieve a flatter, narrower and more refined nose. Professional surgeons, as well as fans, say that Serenas nose contour has shifted over the years.

However, if you have a closer look at the before and after pictures, Serena leans her skull at different angles. Hence, this may be because of the difference in the gaps within her nose. Also, the difference may be as a result of the difference in lighting where the two pictures were taken. Therefore, the minor differences in her nose contour are not adequate to prove that she went through a nose job. Besides, getting a nose job takes two weeks, and taking this period with no instructions is deemed improper by professional sportspersons.

Breast Augmentation

Another common change that people noticed in Serenas appearance is her breast. Unlike in the past, when her breasts were saggy, her breasts are now bigger, rounder and much fuller. However, the pictures used to compare her breast size shows when she was just starting out her tennis career at 18 years old and the woman she has turned out to be now.

Even at the age of 18 years, the player still had enormous breasts. With the current pictures of Serena, it can be seen that her breasts are a bit fuller owing to push up bras. Besides, it is quite ridiculous to say that someone as powerful and with a toned body like Serena could have saggy boobs.

Butt Augmentation

Butt augmentation is a common process for most celebrities with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim having a following for their protruding buttocks. This has created a craze with most women going for cosmetic surgery in order to have jutting buttocks.

People rumor that Serena Williams has had some implants inserted in her buttocks as they now look bigger. Questions have also been raised on whether she failed buttocks increase. Serena has, however, had a powerful body and firm buttocks since the beginning of her career. It is, therefore, difficult to envision her going through a butt procedure in order to transform her bum size.

Besides, a clear look at some of her before and after pictures shows no big transformation in her buttocks. Again, it depends on the angle and the shots of the photographs. Additionally, such an operation may take time to heal. Hence, it is quite unlikely that she would want to take time from training to stay at home and heal from the procedure.

It is evident that the information about Serena going through plastic surgery is just speculation and not authentic. It is possible that the changes in her body are as a result of the sport and her powerful physic. Besides, Serena herself has not confessed to having any plastic surgery.

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