Golfers and Fisherman Are Strangely Similar

While one might not get you all the rewards and glories like the other, fishing and golfing are something that are strangely similar to each other. Even big names in the golfing world like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods were known to go fishing in their spare time. They have spinning reel bass from which are considered the best.

Be it the endless amount of patience required or the perfect technique to achieve the end goal, or the peace of mind achieved while doing either of the activities, there is a strange connection which connects players in both the fields.

Whether you are carrying your golf equipment for a tournament week, or your fishing equipment for the long weekend, here is how golfers and fisherman share a strange connection:

They Both Have a Competitive Edge

Golfers and fisherman usually like to go out with a small group of friends who always have high stakes of bets running between them. What might start as a casual day together will tend to turn out to a betting frenzy scenario within a few cans of beers. And the worst part? The loser never likes to be called the Nancy boy of the group!

Its a Game of Luck

Whether you are carrying the most expensive golf set with you or just a casual handmade wooden fisherman equipment, you never know what the field might give you in return. Shots in the trees or a bent hook, ball in the sands or a frayed line, sunburn or a cut on the finger, come whatever problem may on the person, everything can be changed with just one good shot or a good catch! All it takes is a single moment to turn the days course dramatically within seconds.

There is a 19th Hole in Both of Them

After a rough day at the golf course or by the river, there is always a watering hole or tavern where a person might wander off with a few of his friends to gulp down his feeling away. And like by a stroke of lightning, a person who has never handled a fishing equipment might soon become Poseidon of the river and tell his tales about all the great white sharks he has hunted at the high seas.

Or a golfer telling all about his hole-in-one achievements throughout the course of the session. Everyone loves to do that! Dont they?

Other than the skills that are commonly required for either of the sporting activities, people display a set of similar traits as well. Isnt that news?


It is noteworthy to see how the requirement of a sporting event can affect the character and personality of a person. Maybe it is the reverse, and these character traits can help a person become a better sportsperson in either of the events.

Not knowing which is true, one can only go as far as to enjoy the week playing golf with his friends while cruising on the county lake to catch a few good fishes on the weekend.

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