Golfers and Anglers Similar

Have you ever heard about anglers and golfers being rather alike? Thats because the traits that require a person to become an angler are very similar to the traits needed to become a golfer and vice versa. As explained by Broadmag, Thats pretty much why anglers and golfers always act in a similar fashion.

Not only that but golfers actually enjoy fishing. In fact, Tiger Woods states that fishing is one of the activities that he does to relax, and it also works the other way around too anglers enjoy golfing.

To further understand this, weve listed four traits that both anglers and golfers share:

Theyre Patient

Obviously, both golf and fishing are sports that require a tremendous amount of patience. For fishing, you need to take time looking for the spot that has the most fish. Even if you do have one of those fish finders, youll need to take time to let the machine do its work. When you get there, you need to wait again before getting the bite.

In the same way, golfing requires you to carefully analyze and plan your shot before you can shoot. You cant hastily make a shot because it might backfire on you. Thats why you need a tremendous amount of patience.

They Count the Small Wins

In fishing, there will be times when you wont get a bite no matter how well your fish finders locate a spot. Even if you do get a bite, there will also be times when the fish will get away. Golfing is also the same. There will be times when the elements are not in your favor, and you wont be able to sink a hole.

However, both golfers and anglers would be ecstatic once they make even one win. If they count that one win, they will most likely forget about all the losses and the hardships that they went through before getting the win.

They Always Go in Groups

Theres really something about group outings that these two types of people love. If you go to a fishing spot or a golf course, youll always see anglers and golfers in groups of at least three. This is probably because they want someone to talk to while going through all the waiting.

They Always Talk About Past Winnings

One last trait that both shares is that they both love to talk about their past wins. Find a golfer or an angler in a bar, and theyll be quick to tell you about their last amazing shot or their last really big catch. Its something that both golfers and anglers really take pride in.


As you can see, fishermen and golfers are not all that different. Sure, the game that they play might be different, but the traits that they got from playing the two games are the same. Thats why fishermen usually play golf when theyre not fishing, and golfers fish in the sea when theyre not golfing. Somehow, the two of them do enjoy each others sport.

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