Golf Analogous to Swimming

Swimming is considered one of the most anticipated sports around the globe. Golf, on the other hand, has gained popularity not only as a recreational activity but also as a sport. Recent researches include golf as a sport since it happens to flex upper body core muscles and needs a strict technique to be followed.

Golf and swimming are two different sports, yet these two activities tend to have something in common.

If you are enrolled in a swimming class or are planning to take Swimjourney private swimming lessons, you better read on the following golf quotable quotes that can totally be applied in swimming!

Under pressure, I do use one simple swing thought that takes my mind off the outcome of the shot and keeps me in the process.

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy is a professional golfer from Northern Ireland. This statement by him is truly inspiring.

Trusting the process should be the number one principle of an athlete or an aspirant.

Be patient.

There is not a strong famous athlete in this world who underwent easy training. The secret to success is having an aim, trusting the process, and never giving up.

All great players have the ability to swing every club at a consistent tempo and with great balance. Rhythm and balance are linked.

Michael Lamanna

This guy is highly respected in the field of golf since he has already worked with legends like Bob Oski andGolfDigest Top 50 Teacher, Tim Mahoney.

This quote from Lamanna emphasizes the need for balance and tempo. For swimmers, if you cant find your balance, you will sink. If you cannot have your tempo, you will not grow.

For every stroke, you need to learn to carry your weight and have balance. This will help you float at ease. Also, for breathing and swimming for longer distances, you need to have a phasea tempo.

Be consistent with your tempo since it will be your swimming foundation.


A good swing thought is to keep your height. Feel tall. Like your chest stays nice and high

Paula Creamer

This gorgeous lady (Paula Creamer) is an American professional golfer. In every sport, there is a certain posture that needs to be followed and maintained.

As per swimming, the athlete’s body should be erect and elongated to be able to float properly and move at ease. Having the right posture may cause the success of a newbie swimmer over a professional one.

In swimming lessons, they teach proper posture and breathing first before anything else. If the student learns this, all the other techniques will just follow.


Of all the things you do before you play a golf shot setting your alignment is the most important.

Greg Norman

Gregory John Norman AO is an Australian professional golfer and entrepreneur. His statement emphasizes the need for proper body alignment.

In any sport, proper body alignment is needed for the achievement of speed and accuracy.


This quotes may not be discussed in swimming lessons, but these are undeniably within the context. Nonetheless, sports bring together different people with different stories.

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