Golf Equipment

Must-Have Golf Equipment

If you want to play golf, there are two main items youll need — a golf ball and a golf club. Most golfers have numerous golf clubs, and each is specialized for taking different shots. For boxers, they need to have their Lace up Boxing Gloves ready before they go for the jab. On the other hand, golfers must also prepare their golf gear before they smash on the green. Now, were going to take a look at the golf equipment every golfer must-have.

Golf Clubs

A golfers bag can carry up to about fourteen golf clubs. Most golf clubs are numbered. Those numbers represent the loft or angle of the club. The smaller the number of the club means the lower the loft or angle of the club; which means, that one iron club will have the lowest loft and would have a low trajectory for the ball to travel further. A nine-iron, on the other hand, will have a high loft or angle and will cause the ball to travel high up into the air when hit.

The Main Types of Golf Club

Irons The clubs that have metal flatter heads are the irons. An iron club is usually a bit more accurate. It also allows you more control over direction, spin, and distance of the golf ball when hit. The loft is what determines the numbers of most irons; however, the more specialized iron clubs have specific names like Sand Wedge or Wedge. Irons can be used for almost any shot and from any location on the course.

WoodsThe clubs with big heads are woods (sometimes manufactured using wood). They are normally used for long shots. Theyre normally harder to hit and are much less accurate than iron clubs. But, theyll allow you to hit the ball further. Wood clubs are also numbered, with the least loft having the lowest number. Its often called a driver. Woods are typically for long golf holes or a hit of the tee.

PuttersWhen golfers want to roll the ball they use a putter. They do this because this type of club has a flat face. A putter is usually used when on the green, however, you can also use it on the fringe of the green when you want to roll the ball. If you want to score well in golf, then you definitely need to be a good putter.

Golf Balls

The minimum diameter of a golf ball is 1.68-inches, and its weight measures 1.62 ounces. This is according to what the rules of the game require. The materials used to manufacture the ball will help determine the balls characteristics when hit. The harder it is the farther it will travel when hit. However, the softer it is the more control youll have over distance and spin.


Yes, weve only talked about golf clubs and balls, but there are far more things a golfer will need if they want to play the game properly. For starters, theyll also need a bag to carry all the types of golf clubs that have been highlighted above, plus the balls. Some golfers also like wearing special gloves to help them grip their clubs better and for balance on the swing. Anyway, these are just but a few of the extras. Hopefully, after this article, youll be ready to take action and get yourself on the green with all new gear.

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