Beyblade is a spinning game played by two people inside an arena. According to the guide published at, Just like any other game, there are rules and restrictions in this game, and points are awarded to the players with the winner scoring 7 points. Thus, it requires skill and practice to perform well with the different types of Beyblades. In this article, we will look at some effective tips for playing Beyblade.

Know Your Beyblades

There are four types of Beyblades; endurance/stamina, defense/ defender, attacker/ striker, combination/balance. For this reason, it is important to know and understand the qualities of each Beyblade. Knowing this will help you plan your strategies as well as enable you to different a real Beyblade from a fake one.

A good way to know more about the Beyblade top is by reading the leaflets that are included during the purchase. Here, you will get helpful information on the launch angles, attack types, and top in battle.

Study Your Opponents

Just like in other games, it is an important tip to study your opponents techniques of how they play the game. Be observant of the Beyblades they use for every match so you will know which Beyblades to use to counterattack their strategy. When you know where their Beyblade top is going, you will have a high chance of winning the game.

In the same way, its important to change strategies and avoid being a predictable player. Refrain from using the same Beyblade, launch style, or launcher as your opponent is probably watching your moves as well. When your opponent doesnt know your strategy, they wont know how to counter you.


If you intend to win your next Beyblade battle, know how to personalize and customize your Beyblades. Customization allows you to experiment with various launchers, weight disks, ripcord lengths, and attack rings so you can find what works best for you.

Choose your Launcher Well

Truth be told, launchers can make a huge difference in the result of the game. A launcher can allow you to pull a right or left spin and this can impact how the Beyblade behaves. For instance, launchers with a strong grip allow you to carry out trick shots and give you more control.

If you are using the Beyblades for defense, quickly pull the launchers ripcord which will give you more power and stability. So ensure that you use the best of these game-changers and always keep them in ideal conditions.

Practice Delayed Launching

If you want to stay ahead of your opponent, it is advisable to let them launch their Beyblade first before launching yours. This trick will enable you to disrupt their attack and place their bey on the defensive. Additionally, launching about 5 seconds after your opponent has launched allows you to knock them outside the ring completely

Also, always observe how your opponent spins their Beyblade and where they launch it from. This way, you will know where the Beyblade is headed so you can plan your strategy.


These are just some of the top tricks that any Beyblade player can try to get an advantage over their opponents. Remember to choose your equipment safely and practice to find strategies that work best for you.

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