10 Top Golf Games for Android!

Golf Games for Android

You might be an avid golf player, a wannabe, or just a fan of golf games. Whichever you are, you dont want to miss more gift codes on afk.guide for enjoying games on your android phone. With the 3D graphics these games present, golf playing would be like watching it live on the field.
PGA Tour Golf Shootout
First up on the list is PGA Tour Golf Shootout. One who supports highly graphic-designed games would surely love this app! This fun golf game promises a stunning view experience of life-like fields navigated…

A Golfers Guide to the Best Fitness Equipment

Best Fitness Equipment

Every athlete has to stay in tip-top shape to perform well in their respective sport. Golfers, just like other athletes, need the right fitness equipment from Fitness-China.com that will target specific areas and control muscle mass.
When selecting Fitness Equipment, golfers need to focus on two things. Firstly, you need to ensure that the equipment is versatile so that you can use it for other purposes apart from golf. Secondly, the equipment you choose should enhance your power, stability, mobility, and flexibility to help you play bette…