Best Fitness Equipment

Every athlete has to stay in tip-top shape to perform well in their respective sport. Golfers, just like other athletes, need the right fitness equipment from that will target specific areas and control muscle mass.

When selecting Fitness Equipment, golfers need to focus on two things. Firstly, you need to ensure that the equipment is versatile so that you can use it for other purposes apart from golf. Secondly, the equipment you choose should enhance your power, stability, mobility, and flexibility to help you play better.

Now that you know the importance of fitness equipment for golfers, the next step is to find the right one for your needs. Below is a guide to the best fitness equipment every golfer and aspiring golfer should have.


Dumbbells have adjustable plates to suit your fitness needs as a golfer. They are great for increasing muscle mass.

Foam Roller

This foam roller is designed to improve an athlete’s mobility and reduce soreness and muscle pain. It does this by breaking through the athlete’s toughest trouble spots.

Medicine ball (Hard)

The medicine ball is a piece of versatile fitness equipment for golfers. It is ideal for golfers who want to do rotational abdominal exercises. Its grip allows athletes to have more options for one-handed or two-handed workout sessions.

Medicine ball (Sensor)

This ballistic ball combines the medicine ball and a sensor to give feedback. Whatever kind of throw you are planning in your workout, this fitness equipment will give good feedback on throwing power and speed.

Medicine ball (Soft)

This is a piece of golf fitness equipment that is good for strength training and plyometric exercises.

Mini bands

Mini bands are ideal for improving an athletes lateral movement and increasing strength and lower body stability.

Plyo Boxes

These are designed for plyometric exercises and for improving the leg power and agility of the golfer.

Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are useful for resistance training. They can be used to increase muscle mass, strength, and mobility.

Rowing machine

Improve your overall body power, rowing skills with a rowing machine. Plus, this equipment can also enhance cardiovascular fitness.

Stability Trainer

You can use this fitness equipment for resistance training that stimulates your nervous system and your bodys muscle fibers.

Stretching Aid

This fitness equipment improves your joint mobilization, strength, mobility, and stability.

Swing-Training Club

A swing-training club improves a golfers timing, positioning, strength, and coordination

Swing-Speed Trainer

From the name itself, this fitness equipment increases your swing speed. It is a must-have for golf players aiming to boost their speed.

Therapy (recovery)

For muscle recovery, this fitness equipment is highly recommended for golfers.

Weighted Bar

A weighted bar is piece of versatile equipment with various training options. Additionally, it is suitable for all types of athletes.


This equipment is good for muscle mass build-up and muscle endurance, and every athlete can use it.

Suspension Trainer

A suspension trainer allows trainers to perform suspension exercises that improve athleticism and reduce the risk of injury.

Stationary Bike

As with a regular bike, this equipment allows you to improve leg and thigh mass and boost cardiovascular endurance.


This treadmill enhances the athlete’s power, speed, agility, and stamina.


This mainly improves comfort in the knee, ankle joints, and hip. It is a piece of fitness equipment that primarily targets the lower body.


There are several pieces of equipment to use as a golfer. But these mentioned above are what we highly recommend for your fitness needs.

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