We originally launched this news platform in 2005, 1NHC started as a podcast where we discussed all golfing issues including news combined with analysis and our in depth opinions.

1NHC was then rebranded and relaunched in 2014 as a news website to give a different slant on the news around the golfing world. We don’t give you the boring golf news, we like to put our own spin on stories and try to get to the bottom/heart of the matters.

It’s rare to find entertaining and enlightening golf news around the Internet and we hope to scratch that itch you may have and become the Jon Stewart of golf news. In 2015 we also launched our own radio station where we stream 24/7 golf chatter across the Internet airwaves mixing together radio shows, live programming, podcasts and audio in a shuffled yet entertaining format.

We just hit nearly 50k listeners in mid 2016 and aim to triple that this year, so jump on board and enjoy the ride and please stay a while in our little nook of the golfing world.