1NHC Golf News is the fastest spreading online news channels in the golfing world. Our unique style of presenting golf news, from our indepth reporting, longform analysis, video sensations, as well as all our imagery content sits very well with out golfing audience across the globe.

We also have a radio station which streams online to around 100k people every day with an average of nearly 300k people listening in monthly. The station takes our online content a step further and engages in discuss with the writers and the listeners about the hot topics of the day.

This also spills over into our soical media followings which all boast very high engagement levels. All our posts are highly commented on and shared between readers. In 2017 we will be expanding into new and exciting areas like apps and Apple TV.

Advertising Options

  • Integration into our radio discussions
  • Display ads on the website as well as integration into our content
  • Display ads on our social media as well as post integration.
  • Sponsor the whole website and social media platform


  • AverageĀ Age: 43
  • Gender: Female – 25%, Male – 75%
  • AverageĀ Income: $90,000
  • Audience Interests: Sports, TV, golf