Cycling is the New Golf, Or is It?

New Golf

Over the years, people find sports and bikes as a way to deviate themselves from their busy life and keep themselves active. Similarly, there are vast choices in sports and Bikes for 300 lbs man to choose from depending on what interests you the most.
While others opt to challenge themselves by engaging in difficult sports, there are also sports enthusiasts that prefer calmer activities. One of them is golf. Golf is famously played by older people as a way for them to unwind and invigorate with the outdoor view. They spend mon…

Hit The History Books for The Longest Putt Ever

We have been researching long and hard (on youtube and golf blogs) to bring you the longest putt in recorded history. And no, we are not talking about the one you sunk those years back with your mate stuck down in the sand trap out of view. We need a putt that’s on record and with witnesses, a global audience would be suitable, but we don’t all have that.
Well, in the end we turned to the reliable source of information on anything record breaking, t…

We Have the Secret List of Future U.S. Open Venues through 2030

That’s right, you read that correctly, we have got our grubby little hands on the list of the future U.S. Open venues through to 2030. We also want to have a crack at guessing where it will be held after that.
It seems like just yesterday that the Oakmont hosted Open finished and what an end it was too with Dustin Johnson taking honors with a 69 on the Sunday and a come from behind win over Jim Furyk to take his first major title. Oakmont was special because of it’s atmosphere and surrounding nature. Walking the course with the …