PGA Drug Test in Golf

When it comes to doping and athletes, less attention is paid to golfers, if any. Many people ask or wonder if golfers use or need performance-enhancing drugs. The PGA Tour added blood testing to its anti-doping policy sometime back. It caught many golfers, if not all, in a frenzy trying to find a guaranteed way to a pass drug test. So, if you still wonder if golfers dope, why the blood tests?
The Issue with Doping in Golf
For many years, golf is one of the few sports that ARE believed to be an anti-doping sport un…

We Have the Secret List of Future U.S. Open Venues through 2030

That’s right, you read that correctly, we have got our grubby little hands on the list of the future U.S. Open venues through to 2030. We also want to have a crack at guessing where it will be held after that.
It seems like just yesterday that the Oakmont hosted Open finished and what an end it was too with Dustin Johnson taking honors with a 69 on the Sunday and a come from behind win over Jim Furyk to take his first major title. Oakmont was special because of it’s atmosphere and surrounding nature. Walking the course with the …