We are on the hunt for great golf writers and to prove it we have set up one of the most competitive paid writers schemes on the market. In particular we are looking for creative thinkers who find that their writing cannot fit in the pages of a golf magazine or on a snobby golf website. It could be in the shape of a smaller project that you have been working on that you feel just doesn’t fit into any other golfing website you know. Or it could even be some type of research you are conducting that needs a place to shine. Basically as long as it’s powerful and somewhat interestingly related to our content, then we are happy to take a look.

Our business model is at the stage where we are keen to pay by performance of the content you contribute to the website. This is great if you are tired of writing articles with a word count driven outcome. Here you don’t need to worry about that, simply post the piece and receive 100% of all revenue generated from eyeballs hitting that article.

We hope that we can host a diverse range of golfing opinions on the site and bring new readers in daily. If this sounds interesting to you then please contact David at david [AT] 1nhc.com .